Our monthly yoga subscription includes a collection of yoga classes designed to support overall health and wellness. Classes include Yoga for Back Health and SciaticaYoga for Stress and AnxietyChair Yoga; and The Adventures of Millie the Mule (for children). New classes are added periodically.

Classes are suitable for students of all levels, as modifications are provided.

While the classes in this collection are designed to address specific issues (ie back health, anxiety, etc), we still address the entire body, as we believe this is necessary in order to achieve balance and overall wellness.

Some of these classes will require the use of a yoga block and strap/belt. You may also find it helpful to have a yoga mat and blanket. I hope you find these classes a wonderful addition to your routine and that you find the benefits to be many.

As with any exercise routine, It is recommended…

  • that you obtain the approval of a licensed physician or health care professional prior to starting this program
  • That you do not practice on a full stomach
  • that you stop immediately if you should experience any pain or discomfort during any class.

We look forward to helping you on your journey toward improved health and wellness.

  • Unlimited Classes
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Cancel Anytime

About the instructor...Sheila has been teaching yoga for more than 16 years, focusing specifically on back health and stress/anxiety for more than 10 years. She has done several trainings in the area of yoga therapy, and is certified through the Boston Trauma Center as a trauma sensitive yoga instructor.

Her newest addition, a children's book, The Adventures of Millie the Mule, includes short stories and yoga inspired activities. Each activity includes breath, movement and inspiration! Children will learn valuable life lessons, which will help to improve confidence, calm the nervous system and teach the importance of gratitude, generosity and kindness. Millie and her friends will inspire children to make positive choices and to always believe in themselves!