6 week program - $20.00

(must be completed within 6 weeks)

This 6 week program will consist of a series of movements done in, or with the help of, a chair. These classes are designed to improve flexibility, strength, balance and range of motion, to maintain or regain joint mobility, relieve joint pain and stiffness, improve circulation and balance the flow of energy within the body. Harmonized breathwork with mindful movement helps students develop self-awareness without judgment, in order to practice with calm and ease.  

These classes will require a chair (a folding chair or kitchen chair is recommended). Some of the classes may also require the use of a yoga block and strap/belt. I hope you find these classes a wonderful addition to your routine and that you find the benefits to be many.

As with any exercise routine, It is recommended…

  • that you obtain the approval of a licensed physician or health care professional prior to starting this program
  • That you do not practice on a full stomach
  • that you stop immediately if you should experience any pain or discomfort during any class.