6 week session - $15.00

This 6 week course includes...

One class per week – you can do this class anytime you choose (you will have access to each class for 7 days to help ensure your commitment to a weekly practice). 

The classes in this course are designed to support spinal health, relieve back/neck pain and sciatica, calm the nervous system and relax the mind.  These classes will work the whole body, as we must address the body as a whole in order to achieve balance and overall wellness.

The postures will help to improve flexibility of the hips and shoulders, which will decrease demands on the back and allow the spine to rotate properly, as well as strengthen the muscle groups that support the spine. The stretches will help to increase blood flow to the tissues that support the spine, improving the health of the intervertebral discs and muscles along the spine. This class will also help improve posture and proper alignment of the vertebrae, reducing undue stress on the back. Modifications will be provided throughout the practice, making this class suitable for students of all levels.

Some of these classes will require the use of a yoga block and strap/belt. You may also find it helpful to have a yoga mat and blanket. I hope you find these classes a wonderful addition to your routine and that you find the benefits to be many.

As with any exercise routine, It is recommended…

  • that you obtain the approval of a licensed physician or health care professional prior to starting this program
  • That you do not practice on a full stomach
  • that you stop immediately if you should experience any pain or discomfort during any class.