This four week session is designed to relieve stress and anxiety, rebalance the body and mind, calm the nervous system, promote physical and emotional healing, and bring us into the present moment. As we connect with our physical body through the practice of yoga postures, we quiet the processing and organizing left side of the brain, and allow the right side of the brain, responsible for consciousness and present-moment awareness, to awaken. Through conscious movement and breath, we can unlock the emotional body, and begin to release anxiety, intense emotions and even past traumas from the nervous system. As we become more aware and more mindful, we learn to stay with the body and the breath, and to be present in each moment.

Some of these classes will require the use of a yoga block and strap/belt. You may also find it helpful to have a yoga mat and blanket. I hope you find these classes a wonderful addition to your routine and that you find the benefits to be many.

As with any exercise routine, It is recommended…

  • that you obtain the approval of a licensed physician or health care professional prior to starting this program
  • That you do not practice on a full stomach
  • that you stop immediately if you should experience any pain or discomfort during any class.